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Summer Charity Dance  August 2022 Photo by T&I Stokes

 Scottish Country Dancing makes us Happy
About Us

Who We Are


Photos from our Summer Charity Dance  

19th August 2023  at the Davis Hall, West Camel  


St Michael’s Scottish Country Dancing Club began in September 1982 in St Michael’s Hall in Yeovil (hence the name) and the first committee meeting was held in October.  Joy and Peter Newman were leading founder members; Harold and Sheila Barnes were the first RSCDS trained teachers

Now we are a group of dancers in the Yeovil, South Somerset and Dorset area, who meet weekly (since 1982) and enjoy Scottish Country Dancing.

Research has shown that dancing has numerous benefits, especially for adults. Learning a dance means being able to perform a series of complex motor sequences to music- which tests memory, spatial awareness, balance, co-ordination, attention and emotional expression. In one study, dancing three times a week was associated with a lower risk of dementia. Other studies have shown improved memory recall in adults dancing  twice a week for six months.

Basically it also brings Joy to all of us  when the music and  steps are timed right,  and everyone joins in and enjoys being together.

We welcome new beginners, when you can come along and give it a try and your first two visits are FREE. You don't need a partner, Scottish dancing is very sociable. Just wear soft shoes, please. We also welcome local dancers from other clubs and  those on holiday in  the area.

"Scottish Country dancing makes us Happy" is so true 

Below: Photo by Gary Duffield











Below: photo of the Summer Charity Dance 2023 by Gary Duffield



Photos from previous dances by T & I Stokes...

Burns Night 2018.

Christmas party Dance 2018

Platinum Jubilee Dance 2022

Where we dance:

We dance at the Davis Hall, West Camel, BA22 7QX on Thursday evenings 7.30 - 9.30pm.

The Hall has a large car park and a beautiful sprung floor perfect for dancing...

 We meet every Thursday from 7.30-9.30pm, starting from  September 7th 2023  to December 21st  2023

January 4th 2024- 27th June 2024 Our AGM will be  held on 9th May 2024 

We also have  Social dances at Christmas, Spring and Summer

Membership: £5 per annum: payable in September

Weekly fee £1.50 members ; £2 for visitors...and this includes a drink & biscuits. Your first visit is free and for beginners the first TWO weeks are free

Platinum Jubilee Dance 2nd June 2022

Spring Dance 2022 Photo by T& I Stokes

 Spring dance with Chris and Julie Dewhurst. April 2022 Photo by T& I Stokes

Weekly Meetings

Weekly  Meetings



 From September 2023  the callers will be introducing core dances , which will be talked through only. There will be one dance each week, chosen by that week’s callers, to be repeated throughout the season, with the eventual aim of dancing them without a talk or walk through.

Core dances for September to Christmas  are: 

                                                       Mairi’s Wedding                8x40R

                                                       Pelorus Jack                       8x32J

                                                          Highland Rambler                8x40R

                                                         MacDonald of the Isles         3x32S

                                         Our next meeting will be  on:

             Thursday December 7th 2023 at 7.30pm: Click logo for details

We will be dancing the rest of the dances from our Christmas party dance programme



Howell Hill Closures 2022-25

At present there is no access to the village from the A303 via Howell Hill  For more  up to date information, please click the Logo


Latest Covid Advice:  Hand sanitiser  will continue to be available to keep us all safe

"Highland Rambler" danced at our Summer Charity dance : To play, please click the circle...

Thanks to Gary Duffield for video


     Platinum Jubilee Dance 2022 


Summer Charity Dance 2022 Photos by T& I Stokes

Summer Charity Dance  August 2022 Photo by T&I Stokes

Summer Charity Dance 2022 Photos by T& I Stokes

Summer Charity Dance  August 2022 

Photo by T&I Stokes


     Platinum Jubilee Dance 2022 

Social Dances

Spring Dance 2022 

Social Dances

ISpring Dance 2022 

The committee help to run the club:

Chairman: Maggie Westley 01935 427341

Hon Treasurer: Ray Helliar

Hon. Secretary: Elspeth Wright 07972 125617

Cressida Goslin

Caroline Hill

Pam Winter-Godwin

Contact: Secretary


   Our next Social  dances: 

          Christmas Party Dance           Thursday December 14th 2023

For details, please click the logo

          Spring Dance                              Saturday    April 20th 2024  Details to follow

          Summer Charity Dance           Saturday August 17th 2024                        

Summer Charity Dance  August 2022 Photo by T&I Stokes

Nottingham Lace Summer Charity Dance 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Useful Links :

Click the underlined name to go to the website:

RSCDS  Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society : St Michael's SCD Club is an affiliated member of the RSCDS 

Local RSCDS Branches:

Exeter RSCDS

Bristol RSCDS 


Local Clubs

Ashill Scottish Country Dancers

Bridport Scottish Dancers

Chard Scottish Country Dancers

Taunton Caledonian Society

Other Links

Carswellian: Programme of Scottish Country Dancing in the South West

Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary



Chris and Julie Dewhurst April 15th 2023

Useful Links
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